My work is focussed on the outdoor space; a landscape, a garden, a terrace or perhaps a balcony. I start off my work by throwing with stoneware clay on my potter’s wheel and is then refined through detailed sculpting and adjustments to its final shape before firing and glazing. Inspiration comes from shapes and forms found in nature alongside the depth and range of the natural world's colour palate. To bring to life this range of colours in my work I make my own glazes and fire in either the gas kiln with a reduction atmosphere or in the electric kiln to Cone 6. Keeping meticulous records of glaze mixes, firing temperatures and kiln position allows me greater flexibility and certainty in finishing my pieces as envisioned.

I am currently the selected members’ secretary of the Anglian Potters and a member of the Eagle Gallery in Bedford and the Wynd Gallery in Letchworth.

My work is exhibited in several galleries in East Anglia.