Celia Greenaway

I first learnt to throw as part of my teaching degree and have returned to ceramics in retirement. I have a home studio in St Ives and fire in an electric kiln.

I love the purity and smoothness of white clay which lends itself well to my decorative techniques. For the past few years I have worked in white earthenware and have recently started using porcelain. I throw small pieces that are altered, incised, carved or pierced, some with coiled or textured slab additions. Themes are drawn from features of the natural world - the sea, sky, shells and plants. Colours from the green/blue palette are achieved through copper and cobalt washes under a shiny transparent glaze. Some pieces are further enhanced with 9ct gold lustre highlights. In contrast I also decorate using black slip and sgraffito designs. 

I particularly enjoy becoming totally absorbed in the various decorative processes, which is by far the most time-consuming aspect of my work.