Karen Faulkner-Dunkley

Karen has designed elegant jewellery in silver and gold for over 19 years. Her designs are inspired by nature with many collections featuring flowers or leaves.

Constantly striving to design jewellery which is both beautiful and practical, Karen has recently designed the innovative Jenyus collection. A single necklace from this versatile collection can be shortened to suit a neck line, convert into bracelets, pendants or in some cases used to change stud earrings into drop earrings.

Passionate about designing and making stylish jewellery that makes the wearer look and feel amazing Karen wrote and published a book ‘Does this look good on me?’ which has sold around the world. This is a jewellery style guide to help you choose jewellery which is perfect for your looks, personality and lifestyle.

The latest inspiration, Blu Feather Spirit, plays with the meaning and significance of a piece of jewellery. Jewellery can be more than just an accessory, it can reflect the values and principles of the wearer.

Whether you are looking for elegant jewellery for work, sophisticated city chic, or statement style for that special occasion, there is something in the KFD Jewellery portfolio that you will love and wear over and over again.

KFD Jewellery: Designed with Passion. Given with Love. Worn with Style.