Peter Warren

Having been a pupil at the Manchester High School of Art, I spent four years at Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts where I studied under Lucie Rie; Hans Coper; Colin Pearson and Bryan Newman. Then, after a year at London University, I took up a post, for one year, teaching ‘pottery’ at Collenswood School in Stevenage. The following year, my contract was made permanent and I stayed at the school until I retired, thirty seven years later, as Senior Teacher and Teacher of Ceramics. After retiring, I set up my studio in a large shed in our garden in Clifton, Bedfordshire, My current work is a product of two distinctly different elements and goes back to the influences presented in my formative years at Camberwell: Dick Kendall’s Leach tradition with iron and ash glazes fired in reduction atmospheres, and the clean and bright oxidised wares of Lucie and Hans. During my teaching years, my small budget allowance dictated that it was economically sound to use only one general purpose body to be fired in an electric kiln. I chose a moderately priced buff stoneware body which could be thrown, coiled, slabbed or modelled as the teaching demanded. The freedom of designing my own studio allowed me to move to a white firing body and a propane gas kiln which has allowed me to continue with the contradictions in my work: I can produce rich iron reduction glazes on jugs and bowls and, continue my exploration of the decoration of dishes using bright coloured slips. Recent presentations of my work have been included in exhibitions at Emmanuel College and All Saints Church, Cambridge; Ickworth Park, Suffolk; Letchworth Arts Centre; Hyde Hall RHS Rettenden; Ferini Gallery, Lowestoft; Sea Pictures Gallery, Clare; Churchgate Gallery, Hitchin; Mardleybury Gallery, Datchworth, Hertfordshire; Art in Action, Oxfordshire; Innovations in Ceramic Art, Guildhall, Cambridge; Dolby Gallery, Oundle; and various local craft fairs.