Peter Walkem

I originally learned the art of throwing in the 1980’s with the Somerset potter Paul Stubbs, and I was immediately fascinated by the creative process. I continued to develop my skills over the years, and have studied with a number of other respected potters including Dave Rogers (Vinegar Hill Pottery, Hampshire) and Chris White (Hookshouse Pottery, Gloucestershire). I now work in a group of studios with other artists in the North Bedfordshire village of Sharnbrook, and sell through exhibitions, and through a number of galleries and shops. Many of the shapes and forms that I use are inspired by the wonderful work of Lucie Rie, Hans Coper, and by contemporary makes such as Rupert Spira and Kyra Cane. I make my own glazes from raw materials, and use my own blends of stoneware and earthenware clays. I use these to produce colours and textures that owe a great deal to my love of the coastal landscapes of Cornwall, and of the mountains and moorlands of Wales and Scotland.