Philip Wilks

I studied Ceramics at Loughborough of Art & Design. After graduating, I started my career in teaching, in Sussex, and setup making ceramics at home. There was no room for a pottery wheel and so I made stoneware slabpots. We then moved from Brighton to our current home in Northamptonshire. Having given my time to a career in teaching, raising a family and building our home, I returned to producing individual pieces of pottery. Form, Function and Craft are equally important to me and whilst I strive to create finely made pieces that are pleasing both visually and to hold, they are also functional. Harmony and purity of form are central to my current work, inspired by drawings of natural forms.

My current work is mainly in porcelain, which is hand thrown and assembled. My recent work, 'Coral Bowl', was inspired by a drawing of a coral that I did whilst visiting the zoology museum at Cambridge University and the glazes used, which I created, are called 'ocean blue' and 'matt crackle’. The bowl was made using 'Glacier Porcelain'   Acrylic resist creates a deep relief surface decoration, which I then fill with glaze. The bowls are fired to 1270 centigrade in an electric kiln.