The world of ceramics came late for me. A lifetime spent in such diverse careers as building, radio engineering and policing in no way prepared me for turning to pottery, following my retirement in 2012.  Even so, the total change of lifestyle has opened up an unexpected new world of experiences and creativity that is now an almost full-time occupation.

I work in stoneware clay, making mostly functional pots, thrown on the wheel in my small studio at home in Hail Weston. The infinite variety of possible forms and decoration fascinates me but also makes it very difficult to settle on a particular style that says ‘this is me’. I use coloured slips and sgraffito under a transparent glaze to create a mixture of colour and texture on the surfaces of my pots. I also use a specific ‘Chun Blue’ glaze that creates great depth and pleasing variation of colour on the fired surfaces.

The majority of my work is fired to around 1240 degrees Centigrade in an electric kiln although recently I have been experimenting at much lower temperatures with ‘pit firing’ using sawdust and wood and ‘smoke firing’ using wood shavings and paper. These are starting to produce some interesting results.