I studied art only to foundation level in London where I am from, but chose not to do my fine art degree due to family circumstances. I consider myself therefore, as largely self taught and now nearly 30 years on, following a recent personal tragedy, I find myself painting as a kind of self imposed therapy having taken a sabbatical from my day job working as a registered paramedic. My latest works aim to draw a direct correlation between children’s paintings and the childlike qualities of our animals and pets and in adding vivid colour and sometimes text to my paintings, I hope to create life and not just a static one dimensional likeness. Our animals are fun, more than that hilarious and in our vain attempts to care for them, the situations we find ourselves in are often ridiculous, but as an animal lover I wouldn’t have it any other way. I hope that my animals make you smile and get a sense of their true innocence and spirit, I spend hours trying to create a true likeness and capture the essence of the animal I’m painting.