Dawn Isaac

Animals, plants and textiles have always been an inspiration. My work can be divided between three main groups.

Outdoor high-fired stoneware sculptures. These tend to have simple strong lines and a distinctive style that add an additional dimension and interest to a garden especially when set against dark foliage or positioned on hard surfaces.

Indoor coloured stoneware decorative sculptures and plaques with a simple and quirky nature. 

Indoor nature printed and textile hanging/pictures and objects.


All items use stoneware clay and are either carved or slab constructed. Unglazed outdoor items are once fired while glazed items are twice fired to 1270-12800 C to make them frost hardy. Indoor items have multiple firings up to 12200 depending on stage and finish.


Anglian Potters Summer/Christmas exhibitions
Rutland Open studios (Summer)
Whisper in the trees exhibition- Yarrow Gallery, Oundle (Christmas) Pottery Market, Stamford Arts Centre (May)
Additional galleries and event exhibitions in East Mids/East of England.